Marriad Coole 1695

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Date: 15 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #74 Bride will of Marriad Coole alias Howland, died before June 1696:
Summary: husband xxxx Coole is alive, dau Ann, grandson Robt Cottier, dau Joney Coole (sick), witnesses: John Kneale &
Bahie Kaighin, pledges: William Kneale & John Christian
?relationship: ArW 1692A #37 Bride will of Bahie Coole, died mid November 1690: sister Jane Coole, brother [William]
Coole in Dalby & his wife, sister Cooney Coole, sister xxxx Coole, also: Joney Howland, Ann & Elizabeth / Bessy Christian,
[employer] Mr Ewan Christian of Cranstall, Charles Howland (has a son in law), witnesses: Ewan Christian & William
Keig, pledge: John Curghey curate
?relationship: ArW 1712A #08 Patrick will of xxxx Coole alias xxxx: husband William Coole is alive, nephew Richard Cubbon,
nephew Thomas Callin, niece Margt Callin, sis in law [husband's sister] Cooney Coole,
Bride This is affirmed to be the last will of B----[dark & torn edge] Coole als Howlan who being in good and pfect m----[dark & torn edge] ffirst commend her soul unto God and body to Xtian buriall; Itm She left to her Daughter Anne a blanket & wastcoat and a pettycoat, Itm: to her grandson Robt: Cotter a yard of cloth; Itm: she constituted and appointed her daughter John Coole Exrx: of all her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever The Executrx: being sick her father is sworne in her behalf & to be Testes Jo: Kneal.........} faithfull to her according to Law Bahie Kaughin} jurati Probatum est et solvit 1s The Inventory taken according to Law amts to 07£ - 06s - 09d Pledges in form of Law Wm Kneale and John Christian

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