Joney Caine 1695

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Date: 14 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #76 Lezayre will of Joney xxxx alias Caine, died March 1695/6 intestate:
 Summary: husband xxxx is alive, no children, brother John (son William, dau Margaret, son Daniel/Dollin); pledges:
Robert Christian & John Kinley

NOTE: Joney appears to be recently married, though married at least a year and a day for her husband to receive a legacy. 
But there are no children, and the husband was not made her Administrator. ALSO, Joney's next of kin would be her brother 
John, and the fact that his children were named next of kin is an indcation that John is dead
See: ?will of brother: ArW 1694A #32 Michael will of John Caine, died 17 April 1694: wife is alive, son John, 3 children,
witnesses xxx Grimsey & xxx Caine, pledges: Adam Boyde & William Gremsay / Grimshaw
?See: ArW 1661A #058 Jurby will of Margaret Caine alias Teare, died 15 February 1662/3: husband Dollin/Daniel Caine; 3 children 
John & Joney & Ann Caine (all underage); uncle of children John Freer (closest kin on mother's side) is made supervisor
LezAyre Jony Caine departed this life about the ----[torn] of March last intestate whereof the Court ----[torn] intelligence have Decreed her brother John Cai----[torn] children, vizt: William, Margt and Dollin Caine so----[torn] and joynt Adminrs: of all her goods moveable whatsoever, who are accordingly sworn in form of Law, and a Legacie to the husband upon sight of the Inventory Decretum est et solvit 2s Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure The Inventory priced in fa---- of Law amts to .....06£ - 18s - 00d pledges according to Law Robt Christian and John Kinley

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