Catherine Corlett als Cowin als Crinilt 1812

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1812  -2    Bal   	   E  	LDS Film: 0106415

Ballaugh }	At a Court
		holden at KK Michael
		27th October 1812

Catharine Corlett of the parish
of Ballaugh having departed this    [missing word]
on or about the 29th  [blank space]  last intestate
this Court having received intelligence
thereof hath decreed her four children
namely William, John, Catharine
and Anne joint adm'ors of all
singular her goods Rights Credits
chattels and Effects moveable &
immoveable whatever, and
John and Anne aforesaid being
absent, William and Catharine
are hereupon sworn well & truly
to administer the Estate of the
intestate, to pay all her just debts
so far forth as goods will extend &
law bind them, to be true & just
to each other and them said absent
Coadministrators in the division
of the residuum, to return a
perfect Inventory to the Episcopal
Registry of this Diocese, & to give
a faithful account of their
said adm’on when thereunto
by law required & to these ends
they have given pledges in form
of law namely William Kneen
and William Caine both of
KK Michael.
			Decretum est,
			F. Stephens

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June 16th	Chas. Crow & Margt. his wife claim £ 6,,6,,0
		british with interest
Oct. 26th	John Teare (with interest) brit. £ 10,,13,,0

[Transcriber's research note: Catherine Crinilt born: 26 Feb. 1733 Andreas; buried: 29 Oct. 1811 Ballaugh;
parents: Daniel Crenilt (1707-1754) marr. 26 Jan. 1723 Margaret Sayle (1704-1768) – Andreas.
married 20 Feb 1762 Andreas Thomas Cowin (1737-1771) children: Catherine and Anne Cowin;
married 15 Jan. 1774 Andreas William Corlett (1733-1810) children William and John? /+ other children]

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