Thomas Teare 1833

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Date: 25 June 2017
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 [Note: Intestate Petition 16 Nov 1833 of Balla Tear, Jurby: mentions  mother, Elizabeth Tear; 
father-in-law, Isaac Wear; five children underage severally named: Thomas Tear (further on,
listed as heir), William Tear, Caroline Tear, Charlotte Tear and Sarah Tear.]

To His Reverence The Vicar General Nelson - Jurby The Humble Petition of Isaac Wear and Elizabeth Tear stamped: Episcopal Sheweth That sometime since Thomas Tear of the Parish Jurby departed this life intestate leaving five children under age severally named Thomas Tear William Tear Caroline Tear Charlotte Tear and Sarah Tear. That at the time of the decease of the said Thomas Tear he stood indebted unto different persons in various sums of money to which his personal estate is liable. That your Petitioner Isaac Wear is the father of the late wife of the said Thomas Tear deceased and grandfather of the above named children. That your Petitioner Elizabeth Tear is the mother of the said Thomas Tear deceased. That your Petitioners having [New page] desirous of having the personal Estate of the said Thomas Tear deceased disposed of in that way which with he most conducive to the interests of the said several creditors and the said children have been requested by the principal creditors of the deceased to [s---] out letters of administration. Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray a hearing of this Petition and that your Reverence will be pleased to grant to your Petitioners administration of all and singular the goods and chattels of which the said Thomas Tear died possessed ---- And your Pet'rs willever pray [--- --- --- [etc?] Ordered that this Petition do come on to be heard at a Court at Ramsey to be held on this day whereof all proper parties to have notice Given this 16th day of Nov. 1833 Wm Nelson [New page] At a Special Ecclesiastical Court holden at Ramsey the 16th Nov. 1833. The Petitioners Isaac Wear of the Parish of Jurby and Elizabeth Tear of the town of Ramsey have been sworn in Court in due form of Law well and truly to administer the Estate of Thomas Tear deceased to pay his just debts and funeral expenses so far forth as the goods will extend and the Law of the land bind them. To return a true and faithful inventory of all his goods and effects into the Episcopal registry of this diocese whenever thereunto lawfully required and to do all other things belonging to administrators in trust according to law. And to these ends have given pledges viz – Thomas Cannell and Thomas Kneal both of the Town of Ramsey aforesaid, who have entered into a Bond in the [p]enal sum of one hundred pounds for the due administration of the Estate of the said Intestate. Decretum est Wm Nelson [following this is a list, 1834, of claims British pounds] [next page is a 'List of Common Claimants' --- "As stated by me this 19th June 1843 Joseph Brown ER"] Jurby Pursuant to an order of Judgement of the Ecclesiastical Court, granted on the Petition of Elizabeth Teare and Isaac Wear, administrators of the estate of Thomas Teare dec’d, and dated at Ramsey 5th Dec’r 1834 – And agree= =able to the directions therein contained, I have dis= =tributed the clear amount of the Acc[ompt?] Sales and monies received, amongst the respective Claimants of said Deceadent’s estate, whose proportions stand as in the Schedule following --- Vizt ---- Total amount of Acct. Sales ---- British £ 105.14.0 Preferable debts as follow. [continued on to total 30 pages] [Transcriber's note: Also follows: a list of Sale; Petitioned fees of Elizabeth Tear and Isaac Wear; Petition of Thomas Tear, a minor, as heir etc. There are altogether 30 single pages. -- There are 3 older children not named: Elizabeth, John Philip, & Mary Ann; his late wife not mentioned is Sarah Wear of Whitehaven, buried 2 Feb. 1833.]

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