Margaret Fargher alias Mylchreest 1844

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Date: 31 August 2017
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1844     2 Book

In the name of God Amen
I Margret Fargher widow of the Parish
of KK Lonan, being in my declining years and 
Knowing the uncertainty of this trainsitory Life and
the certainty of Death, being of a sound disposing
mind and Memory, Do make this my last will
and Testament. First I commit my soul to
[God who] give it, and my body to Christian Burial	 	[‘Episcopal’ stamped over the words ‘God who’]
and as to my worldly effects I dispose of in maner
1st      I Leave and Bequeath to my son William Fargher
Twenty Pounds which I hold by bond and Security
in the land of John Hogg of the Parish Maughal nevertheless
if in can the said William Fargher will no survive
my disea[s]e that then his Daughter Margret Fargher my grand
Daughter is to receve the aforesaid Twenty Pounds.

2ndly   I Leave and Bequeath to my Daughter Ann wife
of John Kissack of the Parish Lezayre Two Pounds

3rdly   I Leave and Bequeath to my Daughter Elenor wife
of John Kneale of the parish of Lezayre Two and sixpence

4thly   I Leave and Bequeath to my Daughter Margret wife
of John Morrison of the parish of Andreas Thirty Pounds
being a part of a promisory note which I hold from William
Tear of the parish of Bride

5thly  I Leave and Bequeath to my Grand Daughter Margret
Fargher Daughter to my son William Fargher aforesaid
Thirty Pounds and a feather bed and bedings and my
own cloths and appearl} which thirty Pound to be paid out of the
			         } amount of a note I hold from Jas. Clague

6thly  I Leave and Bequeath to John Fargher my Grandson
and Son of John Fargher my hereafter mentioned Executor
Ten Pounds

7thly  I Leave and Bequeath to William Fargher my Grand
Son and Son of the aforesaid John Fargher Ten Pounds			[eop]
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And I Leave six pence Legacy to any person or persons
that may claim in this my last will and testament.
Likewise I ordain that if in case any person or 
persons afore mentioned do bring any Law suit or 
disturbance in this my last will and testament
that the same person or persons shall and will forfeit
all his or their claim to any of the before mentioned
Legacyes or have any claim on my hereafter mentioned
And Lastly Nominating and appointing my Dutiful
and loving Son John Fargher whole and sole Executor of all
the rest of my goods and chattels moveable and
imovable of what ever nature and Denomination
Soever as witness my Name here unto subscribed
this the 18th Day of March 1844
					Margret Fargher  my X
Signed in Presence
of us –
William Skillicorn
Robert Kelly

			At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas
			30th October 1844
The Exor is sworn in Court in form of law and 
hath given Pledges for the payment of debt and
legacies namely William Skillicorn of Baldrine
and James Kewley of Baldooin both in the Parish
of Lonan
Probatum est

Thos V[owle?] Sodn & Man
T. Ar. Corlett

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