Robert Caine 1684

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Archdeacon Will 1684A #022 Michael will of Robert Caine, died -- January 1684/5:  
Summary: wife Margaret Brown is alive [she died 1713 Michael], son Charles (not on the Island), dau Ellinor, another younger daughter [Margaret], 
witnesses & pledges: John Quayle & William Clague, also: Henry Woods owed him 16s 8d in mortgage in Ballafajeen / Faii-yeane.  
Michael parish register: Robert Caine married Margaret Brown on 20 August 1661 Michael.
Wife: Michael parish register: Margtt Caine als Brown buried  22 April 1713.
Son: Michael parish register: Charles son of Robert Caine was christened 4 April 1664 in Michael.
?Dau: Michael parish register: Bahee daughter of Rob Caine buried 9 February 1672/3 born about 1667.
?Dau: Michael parish register: Alice dau of Robert Caine was christened 1 September 1674 in Michael.
Dau: Michael parish register: Margaret dau of Robert Caine was christened 25 January 1676/7 in Michael.
Dau: Michael parish register: Margtt dau of Robt. Caine & Margtt. Brown buried --September 1705.
See: Archdeacon Wills Court, 10 December 1661, regarding scandalous speeches made by Ellin Cowley & her daughter Jane Caine towards 
Margaret Brown [who married Robert Caine, son of Ellin Cowley, in August 1661].
1705 Michael: Old Michael Deeds #17: Margaret Caine alias Brown of KK Michael gave to her daughter Margaret (her only support) houses 
etc of 1s 6d rent & mortgage upon Henry Woods land of 6d rent, witnesses: William Corlett & Edward Curghey X, Court June 1705.

KK Mich: Februarie January ---[dark] 1684/5 The last will and Testament of Robert Cayn, who dom= mitted his soule to God and his bodie to Christian buriall Item, he left unto his sonne Charles his houses and lands and if his sd sonne would not come into the Island to enjoy ye same that then his daughter Elliner shall have & enjoy them, the sd Charles paying unto his two sisters fiftie shills: at his returne into this Countrie, and enjoyeing ye sd houses & lands He said Hen: Woods owed him sixteen shills: eight pence for which he had 2 riggs in faii-yeane [Ballafajeen] in morgage therof, his will was that if he payd nine shill: eight pence unto his wife Margrett Browne that then he should have the sd Lands He said he owed Wm Cayne Glannanay ten shill, and unto Tho: Crouighan nine shill: six pence, and five shill unto Wm Conney, and unto Willm: Cayne Ballayoane three shill: and unto Willm Cannell ballalugg six shills: He appointed and ordained his wife Margrett Browne lawfull Executrix of all the rest of his goods movable and unmovable. The Executx: sworne in Court, and in regard that the youngest daughter hath not to ye value of 6d left her if ye son come not to ye Island, she is ordered to be joynt Executx: with her mother Testes Jo: Quayle} Will: Cloaugg} jurati pbatum est et solvit 6d februarie ye 16th 1684 The Inventorie of the Goods of the above de cedent praized by 4 sworne men as followeth all the houhold stuff praized to .....01£ - 16s - 00d Debts deducted 01 - 13 - 06 Pledges in forme of Law John Quaile & Willm : Cluag

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